Sandy Carlton

Sandy is a multi-instrumentalist, writer, story collector and podcaster with more than five decades of experience in the music industry.

Aftan Ci

Aftan Ci Smith is a ultra modern singer, songwriter, studio owner and entrepreneur with incredible talent — Send in a voice message:

Dan X Padgett

From Earl Scruggs to Doc Watson to Andy Griffith and Marshall Tucker, Dan has walked among and played music with all of these greats. As well as teaching thousands of musicians how to play every instrument you’ve ever heard. — Send in a voice message:

Aaron Jason Meier

Aaron is a Audio Engineer, record producer, musician and teacher. And much more. Ever wonder what those guys do? Rap to Rock and all between. Find out how the magic happens — Send in a voice message:

Chad Day. Modern Banjo

To use a bluegrass term, Chad Day is a “durn” fantastic banjo player. He plays other instruments too but banjo is what he does. He is a modern banjo player who follows the Cleveland County tradition of great banjo players — Send in a voice message:

John Clayton Brackett

John start his writing career in elementary school. His music career started shortly after his writing career. This is the story of a wordsmith who works as a musician. — Send in a voice message:

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